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Update on our launch ceremony on JUNE 2, 2015

ATTENTION: Ecotourism fans and friends in Asia

It is my pleasure to update the announcement on the formation of Asia’s first and only functioning ecotourism body, Asian Ecotourism Network (AEN).

What: AEN Inaugural Ceremony and Asian Ecotourism Leaders' Meeting

When: 1:00pm June 2, 2015 (see below for the detailed agenda)

Where: Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration (DASTA)

118/1 Tipco Building, 31st Floor, Rama VI Road, Bangkok, Thailand

Who: The ceremony will be closed door except for the registered media. The following presentations can be parcipated up to 10 people (pending for detailed clarification) for THB1,000 equivalent of USD30 per person (complimentary for the invited guests) collected at the door. The networking will be open for anyone who wants to be part of the initiative.

- AEN inauguration ceremony (2nd revision)-

1:00pm - registration open

1:30pm - opening of the ceremony by Director General DASTA

1:50pm - words of welcome by AEN founding Chair

2:00pm - exchange of token of appreciation

2:15pm - words of commitment by the board, introducuction of

AEN admin staff followed by group photos

2:45pm - break with refreshments

3:15 - 6:00pm Asian Ecotourism Leaders' Meeting - ecotourism case studies in Asia (Indonesia, India, Thailand, Hong Kong(China))

6:00pm - closing on the ceremony

6:30pm(7pm) onwards - AEN networking at a restaurant/bar in Bangkok

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