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2019 1. 19 & 21-23 AEN Ecotourism Conference and Technical Visits


Thank you for giving us a full house! The capacity of conference place has become full. Furthermore, the on-site registration is unavailable! Thank you very much for your understanding.

Conference Venue: Alishan National Scenic Area Administration Visitor Center
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Tentative Conference Program & Technical Visit Schedule (Last updated Nov.1)

Saturday, January 19
08:50 to 09:15 reception & Registration
09:20-International seminar opening by Officer (Minister or Director of ANS.) , followed by AEN chair and board members, Press Q&A and announcement.


Full day International Ecotourism forum. Stay at a designated hotel in Chiayi city or find your own. The transportation from the designated hotel will be arranged by TEA. From the hotel to Alishan National scenic area administration center takes about 40 minutes. The transportation will departure at 7:30 on Jan. 19 & 20.

Sunday, January 20
AEN Semi-Annual Board Meeting, partially open for paid members
Other participants will have an option of an excursion in the area at an additional cost

Stay at a designated hotel in Chiayi city or find your own.

TECHNICAL VISIT (visiting indigenous communities and experience homestay)

Monday and Tuesday, January 21-22

Ecotourism destination inspection, first night stay at Lijia (Tentative), 2nd night stay night stay at Alishan Forest Recreation area


Wednesday, January 23

Transfer to Yushan National park Tataka visitor center, short walking to view the plantation and 3998 meter high peak. After lunch is the feedback session on the destination inspection, overnight stay at Chiayi city.

Thursday, January 24

Depart for airport via train or your next destination

Transportation Information
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More info

VISA ASSISTANCE: If you need invitation letter for visa application, kindly email Dabby Ding at

CLIMATE: The temperature of both Chiayi and Alishan National scenic area administration center will be from 12℃ to 22 ℃ while the technical visit in Alishan Forest Recreation area will be from 6℃ to 16℃. 


Thank you for checking our conference site.  This event is made possible by Alishan National Scenic Area, Taiwan Ecotourism Association, and Council of Indigenous Peoples Taiwan.

Did you know? Taiwan has 256 peaks over 3000 meters and 9 tribes live in the high mountains. It is said that 16 indigenous tribes live in Taiwan.

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