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Thank you for choosing AEN to grow together in realize the mutual interest implementation of true ecotourism as a tool to realize the good causes. Look who are already engaged before you! (Chlonological order) 

Aug 22, 2015 
Spirit of Japan Travel, Japan

Japan's Community-Based Ecotourism & Cultural Heritage Tourism Specialist
We offer a collection of unparalleled private tours within the ancient island country of Japan for travelers to experience and encounter its rich culture and fascinating people.


Sep 07, 2015 
Borneo Eco Tours, Malaysia

Multi international tourism awards winner Borneo Eco Tours specialises in nature based tours with packages ranging from soft and easy, botanical, exotic cultures, bird watching tours, wildlife river safari, white-water rafting, jungle trekking to diving among others. Our tour product brands include Best of Borneo, Journey through Borneo and Borneo Safari Club.


Set up in 1991 by Albert Teo who has 39 years of experience in the tourism industry and trekked over 1,000 km in Borneo, the company is staffed by over 100 well trained personnel in the BET group of companies and with a fleet of 18 air-conditioned vehicles, 4 semi-cabin powerboat boats and 11 river boats equipped with four strokes engines and electric power engines. The company is headquartered in Kota Kinabalu and an office in Sandakan.


Borneo Eco Tours also operates the award winning 20-room ecolodge Sukau Rainforest Lodge  (1995) in Sukau which played host to the delegates for post conference tours of the World Ecotourism Conference in 1999, the WWF Annual Conference 1999 in Kota Kinabalu, the first Asia Pacific Ecotourism Conference or APeco2002 and Borneo Ecotourism Conference BEC2005 convened by Albert Teo

Oct 20, 2015 
Active & Adventures Tours, Mongolia

Active & AdventureTours Mongolia" as branded as "Tour Mongolia" is almost 15 years old, comparatively young but passionate and growing company. We have own service network,developed throughout Mongolia which give us complete abilities to operatedifferent kind of tours/services everywhere in our country. We have partnership cooperation with qualified international outbound tour operators mostly from Western European countries, and proudly to state that we truly experienced and skilled to provide international standard service to our clients in many

Nov 09, 2015 
Adventure Travel Trade Association, USA

Established in 1990, the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) serves over 1,000 members in 90 countries worldwide. Members predominantly include tour operators, tourism boards, travel advisors and accommodations with a vested interest in the sustainable development of adventure tourism. The ATTA delivers solutions and connections that propel members towards their business goals and the industry toward a responsible and profitable future. Through its regional AdventureConnect events and annual Adventure Travel World Summit trade conference, the ATTA excels in professional learning, networking and partnering services. With expertise in research, education, adventure travel industry news and promotion, members of the ATTA receive competitive opportunities that help establish them as leaders in adventure tourism.

Nov 12, 2015 
Eco Action, China 

EcoAction is a Chinese eco-tourism and educational travel company. Based on grounded conservation stories, we deliver a series of authentic, memorable and unique travel/volunteering activities which WELCOME, INVOLVE and INSPIRE travelers, especially young generation, ENGAGE and BENEFIT host community, so as to PROTECT and ENHANCE the local Environment and Culture.



For Peng Luo, Ecotourism is the key philosophy of our business, not only a title to advertise. In way of authentic, memorable and unique nature and community based travel activities which welcome, involve and satisfy visitor, she aim to benefit locals, contribute to conservation, as well as boost environmental education. Real ecotourism is quite new in China compared to mass tourism, but it’s getting more and more attentions. This is the best age full of opportunities, but also worst age full of chanllenges in this new rising market, since it’s still chaotic. Marketing and differentiation are still the biggest challenge.

Since their cooperate with local nature reserves and scientists, as well as our long relationship, they design all the projects based on the grounded needs. When everything is based on real local life, it best promise the authentic experiences of the customers. She hope to engage more in Asian ecotourism business to learn more from neighbors both in theory and practise. Besides, it would be another distribution channel for our products. The most thing I hope from AEN is experiences sharing from the members.

Nov 12, 2015 
Dream Nepal Travle & Tours (Pvt.) LTd., Nepal 

Dream Nepal was established in 1999 with the aim to offer our guest ‘The True Nepalese Experience’. Our company was conceived by a group of experienced, energetic and enterprising professionals, whose backgrounds range from travel, tourism and hospitality management to education, catering and spiritualism. The one thing all of them had in common was a desire to improve the quality and range of tourism activities in Nepal.


Bijaya Pradhan said ecotourism means the combination of culture, nature, and environment and with this three things combined together then there is a blend of Ecotourism which helps in the protection of the local culture, nature and the environment. It also helps in income generation for the local people of that particular area or region. He added that There is a high potential of Ecotourism Development in the Asian region, though back in his days in Nepal there were challenges to overcome, such as let the people know what Ecotourism means and what are the benefits once they go through it and also to convince the local as well as the central government, which is time consuming. Fortunately, in 1998, he talked with the Nepal Tourism Board and SNV - Kathmandu and came up with an idea of establishing Sustainable Tourism Network. He said by engaging with AEN, he could also engage in sharing his experience and knowledge with other companies, organizations, people, institutions, and would love to make the best destination in the world. For this, he added, we all have to join hands in developing a policy recognized or indorsed by the state government. Together we all can make the development of Ecotourism & Sustainable Tourism here in the Asian region so we as an AEN member should come up

Jan 16, 2016
Silver Mountain School of Hotel Management, Nepal

Since its founding in 2002, Silver Mountain School of Hotel Management has been established with a vision to impart quality top notch education in hospitality & Tourism management in Nepal to produce highly talented and skilled youth capable of managing world class hospitality services. Over the years Silver Mountain has become the leading hospitality school in Nepal that is renowned for its quality hospitality education. SMSH provide their students with opportunities to do their internship in best hotels in national and international levels. The institution offers short-term courses in culinary management, bartending, housekeeping operation, Wine & bar, dining etiquette, barista, tea appreciation, bakery, front office operation and various skill development certification courses. The academy also focuses on individual personality development and provides one on one career counseling throughout the course along with teaching two foreign languages, Chinese and French as part of curriculum.



For Samir Thapa, ecotourim means to save the nature by promoting and creating the awareness of ecology of Livinghood. It is directly related to the human life and how it is existing because of eco system of the world. He see that Asia is very much rich on its natural resources of ecology with vast diversion of each region. mso it's very important to save it and in the meantime to promote it. This continent is very fragile due to lack of awareness and education, we really need to promote it without exploring it. The challenges to implement ecotourism in Nepal is keep the ecology intact by creating the awareness and maintains the rich cultures of people because this country has diversified in geography with cultures and languages. The literacy rate is not high so there is very high chance to exploration. Also in the name of development, we are not thinking in details to save it's natural essence. 

Samir engages with AEN communities to make Asia a better and more sustainable place to visit by sharing the best common sustainable practice and experience of Ecotourim trends have to be must among all. AEN could be the connecting point for all these communities and play a vital role to exchange the model to another community via its members in various regions. His favorite place is always Nepal to visit all different Mountainous regions where large numbers of communities are based on ecotourism and its century practice to save it.

Let's to explore here and would love to see the Amazon forest of Malaysia. Anything organic food as a by product of Ecotourism would be great for me

silver mountain.png

The Society for Sustainable Tourism & Development Inc. Mission is to implement support in global issues with grassroots solutions, towards green growth  and distinction in sustainable tourism development and stewardship, while preserving natural, cultural and grassroots heritage, and promoting veritable and eco-friendly tourism and business practices.

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Aug 2, 2016
TEA (Taiwan Ecotourism Association )

Taiwan Ecotourism Association (TEA) was founded in 2001 with an aim to promote sustainable and wise use of Taiwan’s natural ,cultural and ecological resources through ecotourism

Feb 28, 2017
Bali Ecotour Indonesia, Indonesia

Famed for the authentic educational Bali Eco Cycling tour since 1999, Bali Eco Tours are proud to offer a wide range of activities to discerning Bali visitors. Sharing our island home is our passion. Learn about Bali's ecology the fun way while creating meaningful cultural connections. For more information please visit:

Oct 28, 2018
Bali FDr. Prof Dr. Jennifer Kim Lian Chan, Malaysia 

Borneo Tourism Research Centre, Universiti Malaysia Sabah

FDr. Dr Jennifer Chan Kim Lian is a Professor of Tourism and Hospitality Management at the Faculty of Business, Economics and Accountancy, Universiti Malaysia Sabah. Currently, she is the Director of Borneo Tourism Research Centre; Professorial Chair Holder in the field of Tourism and Human Capital Development 2017 - 2018; International Visiting Professorial Fellow, Royal Institute of Singapore, Honorary President of the Royal Institute of Tourism and Royal Institute of Educators, Singapore; Advisory Committee Member of the World Gastronomy Institute, Spain. Professor Jennifer is an experienced tourism and hospitality researcher, consultant, and academician with professional experience in the field concerned. Her research focuses on sustainable and responsible tourism, human resource development, consumer behaviour, service experience, qualitative and mixed methods research.

Aug 13, 2019
Eco Coach and Tours (M) Sdn Bhd

Ecotourism For Everyone

Eco Coach and Tours (M) Sdn Bhd, as promoter of EcoTourism, we ensure responsible travel to natural destinations that convserve and protect the environment in its original state. Our tour packages are designed with teh intent to reduce the impact of climate change especially in the emissions of greenhouse gases connected to travelling and point to point transfers. Studies bu WWF "Report on Environmental Impacts of Holiday Trips" indicates that tourism produces five percent of all greenhouse gas emissions. In this context, the distance to the destination and the choice of transport for getting there and back play by far the most important part.

To date, Eco Tours has successfully pioneered in the first ever mono-gas operated NGV taxis, buses, tour coaches and executive Limousine in Malaysia, suprassing European Standards for safe emissions.

Oct 16, 2019

Reconnecting People To The Natural World

Founded on 26th January 2015, Ecotourism & Conservation Society of Malaysia (ECOMY) is the premier national non-governmental organization that is focused on sustainable ecotourism as the way forward to ensure that conservation values are upheld at all key natural heritage sites in Malaysia.Ecotourism & Conservation Society of Malaysia (ECOMY) was founded by leading naturalists in Malaysia, with the following objectives :

i) Conserve Malaysia’s unique habitats, plants and wildlife
ii) To actively promote and pursue sustainable tourism as one key element in conservation.
iii) To support like-minded local communities and initiatives
iv) To celebrate Malaysia’s unique wilderness and the unique features it supports
ECOMY works towards uniting conservation, communities and sustainable tourism, promoting greater understanding and appreciation for nature, local society, and culture.

July, 2020

Korea Ecotourism Society follows the principles of ecotourism. On the basis of association and cooperation, it aims to contribute to conservation and sustainable use of natural resources, through development of ecotourism. Korea Ecotourism Society was established on the 12 May, 2010 for biodiversity conservation and quality of life. It was also designated as a legal entity on the 30 December, 2013 by Ministry of Environment.


The award winning Sukau Rainforest Lodge nestles on the banks of one of Borneo’s most important waterways, the Kinabatangan River, home to many of Borneo’s magnificient wildlife. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of the rainforest and the cacophony of its inhabitants.

Sukau Rainforest Lodge offers the rare comfort and luxury in the midst of the Borneo Rainforest whilst retaining an Eco-Lodge ethos, the delicate balance of true sustainability. 


The award winning Sukau Rainforest Lodge nestles on the banks of one of Borneo’s most important waterways, the Kinabatangan River, home to many of Borneo’s magnificient wildlife. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of the rainforest and the cacophony of its inhabitants.

Sukau Rainforest Lodge offers the rare comfort and luxury in the midst of the Borneo Rainforest whilst retaining an Eco-Lodge ethos, the delicate balance of true sustainability. 


Tina Fu Mei Chiang, the manager of Toucheng Leisure Farm (TCF) in Taiwan, has over 20 years of experience in the tourism industry, particularly in agrotourism and community engagement. She holds an MBA in Hotel and Tourism Management from Huron International University. Tina excels in environmental education, on-site operation, site planning, and program design. She has served as a guest speaker for various institutions, including National Yunlin University and Universitas Gadjah Mada, and has contributed to the GSTC Auditor training course. Her achievements include directing government grant projects and securing GSTC criteria certification for TCF in 2019, with a successful renewal in 2022. Additionally, she has experience as an assistant manager at Informatics, a higher education and corporate training institution. Tina can be reached at or +886 910259511.

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