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NEPAL || BOARD MEMBER | Silver Mountain School of Hotel Management

The talk is on 'The challenges & Opportunities in Eco Tourism post covid 19' by Samir, a AEN board member based in Nepal

Focused on the Changes in Behavior of Tourist

Kazuhiro Arai

JAPAN || AEN BOARD MEMBER | President of Hokkaido Adventure Travel Association

Talk on Fundamentals of Ecotour Guide 1 'Understanding your guests'

In ecotour guiding, understanding your guests is more important than telling stories because you can easily be a selfish on site without knowing what they want. In this talk, I share an idea of figuring out customers’ needs with using “Maslow’s hierarchy of needs” in ecotour guiding.



The talk is on'Using mindfulness as an interpretation tool to enhance visitors’ experience in ecotourism settings'.

In this talk, Alan is going to share one of the useful concepts in tourism which has been applied to different tourism and ecotourism settings. The “Mindfulness and Mindlessness” concept is a valuable tool for interpretation which enhance visitors’ experience. Mainly, I will briefly explain what this concept is and then I will use an example of how this being applied in a wetland park context and few other settings as well.

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