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Asian Ecotourism Network (AEN) works closely with media companies particularly in the sustainability, ecotourism, responsible tourism, and travel space for prompt and accurate dissemination of our news. This includes AEN’s industry contributions, conferences and events as well as developments arising from our network in Asia and beyond.


If your organization is keen to collaborate with AEN as a long-term media partner, do get in touch with us. At least three articles on AEN per year should be committed before we can consider the possibility of a media partnership. Articles may be in the form of profile interview, featured story, news update and more.


Application for media partnership can be found here that requests more information about the nature of your media, its readership and coverage.  Do contact our media representative should you have any questions at all about becoming a media partner with AEN.


Requests for interview with any AEN Board Member or information on AEN can also be made through our media representative.

Media listed here are partners of AEN 

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Asia Pacific

Gaia Discovery promotes sustainable tourism through highly engaging content on its online publication. Since 2008, millions of readers worldwide have appreciated the original and in-depth articles written on sustainability, ecology, conservation, tourism and culture in Asia Pacific. The independent media operates on a profit-for-purpose model in support of environmental education and conservation. Offices are based in Singapore and Australia.


Ecotourism World


Ecotourism World is an information media that transmits information related to ecotourism or sustainable tourism in the world, sharing the knowledge of ecotourism, its benefits, possibilities and availability to the public. A must see for those who like to travel, love nature and want to be friendly to the environment! Our goal is to raise awareness about ecotourism or sustainable travel, both globally and locally. In doing so, we hope to inspire others, as well as ourselves, to make more conscious tourism decisions, thereby contributing to the conservation of nature and small communities in all parts of the world.




Forum Natura es una organización sin ánimo de lucro, fundada en el 1996, editora de la publicación Natour magazine, especializada en turismo sostenible, ecoturismo, destinos verdes, turismo y cambio climático, turismo rural, turismo y desarrollo rural. Forum Natura, tiene un equipo técnico, con profesionales de gran trayectoria (seniors y juniors) que funciona en red en diferentes países de Europa, Américas, Australia, África, y Asia, aportando soluciones técnicas para el desarrollo y gestión del turismo sostenible en todas sus facetas.

Lo conforman Biólog@s, economistas, ingenier@s, geógrafos, graduados en turismo, periodistas, expertos en cooperación al desarrollo, marketing digital, comunicación, etc. Apuesta por la reinvención, resiliencia y se basa en la innovación y creatividad para conseguir sus objetivos: Sostenibilidad y Competitividad

“Los temas ambientales y sociales son centrales, para el desempeño de las empresas en el siglo XXI”


Jose Kalathil


Jose Kalathil is a New Delhi-based senior journalist. He has worked in various publications in India and abroad. During the last four decades of his career, he has visited several countries on the invitation of either of their Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Bureau of Tourism. He now contributes regularly to many publications in India, Nepal and Saudi Arabia. His articles on tourism, tourist destinations, climate change, bio diversity, environment, pollution, wild life, nature etc. have wider readership. Moreover, he is comfortable in writing on any subject under the sun.       

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