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What is ecotourism?


Ecotourism is responsible travel to natural areas that:


  • conserve the environment,

  • socially and economically sustains the well-being of the local people, and

  • creates knowledge and understanding through interpretation and education of all involved (including staff, travelers, and community residents).

Principals of Ecotourism:

The label ecotourism is often applied to tourism activities that fail to meet the definition and the basic principles behind it.


Ecotourism is:


  • non-consumptive/non-extractive

  • creates an ecological conscience

  • hold eco-centric values and ethics in relation to nature

  • good for both visitors and visited


Ecotourism is not:


  • hunting tourism

  • mass nature tourism

  • only staying at a sustainable hotel or "eco-resort"

About AEN


Mission Statement:

Connect AEN stakeholders for knowledge transfer, consulting, marketing, and business development to achieve sustainability. *stakeholders: communities, public sector, private tourism and hospitality sectors, NGOs, and academia

Strategic Plans:

  • Create new networking opportunities for AEN stakeholders

  • Provide and educate AEN stakeholders with modern eLearning tools, training opportunities, and market data

  • Influence AEN stakeholders and emphasize the importance of embracing global standards


Action Plans:

  • Identify and invite the Asian leaders in line with our mission to structure effective eengagement 

  • Discuss and recognize the needs of the regional network to strategically implement collaborative projects

  • Create working group(s) and identify tasks to best utilize the establishment of AEN office in Bangkok with the support of DASTA

  • Prepare to create a list and profile of ecotourism associations in Asia

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