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AEN International Ecotourism Awards

The annual AEN International Ecotourism Awards are designed to recognize accommodations set up in the nature-based destinations internationally reflecting a unique amalgamation of nature-culture balance in its infrastructural design, innovation and management, while addressing today’s sustainable development challenge. The awards also aim to recognize the tangible examples of ecotourism good practices that can be replicated and adapted across the region.

For whom

Presently the awards will be given to accommodations, destinations including communities and NGO set-up who meet the following criteria, in sync with the GSTC recognized ‘AEN Ecotourism Standard for Accommodations’ and the GSTC-Recognized Standards for Destinations.

The nominations are now closed

        AEN-IEA 2023         

Abstract Background

1) Destination Governance

3) Community Benefit

5) Biodiversity Conservation


2) Sustainable Building

Color Stain

4) Climate Action

Creating Art

6) Waste Management

Black Floor Lamp

7) Ecotourism Promotion

Shadow on the Wall

9) Innovative Ecotourism

Basket and Wild Flowers

8) Environment Leadership

Biker on Mountain Top

10) Community Champion

        AEN-IEA 2023         

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